The two puppies below have been sold

Male pup below sold to Michael and Rae Lynn!

The pup in the top picture is sold. The pup in the two pictures below is sold to Judy Edwards. His name is Tank.
Chocolate and tan male: Sold to Judy Edwards

Below is an update on the puppy above from his new owner, Judy Edwards.

Hi Judy,
I just wanted to update you on our wonderful puppy. We named him Tank. He is absolutely beautiful and was nothing short of the best puppy ever from day one. He never once even cried at night in his kennel. Our older dog took to him pretty quickly, and Tank just loves him to pieces. In fact, Tank loves everyone! The word most used when it comes to describing Tank is "cool". He is so laid back and content and, well, just a really cool dog. He was obviously very well cared for prior to him becoming a part of our family. We love him dearly, and can't thank you enough for breeding such wonderful dogs. I'm glad we found you!

Judy Edwards and family
Current picture of Tank below.

Call 865-207-1336 or email now for more information. Their pet price is $450.00 each.
Hannah's three gorgeous boys: the dapple is the only one still available UPDATE: Sold
with limited AKC registration.