Previous Puppies

The chocolate dapples below are from Heidi and Juneau's last litter.
All current puppies have found new homes and are no longer available. Below is Dottie. She is sold to the Coltrane family.

Here is Dottie all grown up. She lives in Virginia with the Coltrane family. She is about to get a new little half brother from Hazel and Juneau's current litter.

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Merry Christmas (06)from Baxter and his new family!!!!!
Hi Judy,
I wish you & your family a Happy Holiday
Season. I have sent you a recent picture of Baxter with his new
family. He is a wonderful dog! He has adjusted well into out home
and loves us crazy. Thank you for sending us the most perfect puppy
Best Wishes,
John and Lisa P.
Below are pictures of Baxter all grown up!!

Schatzi and Juneau's litter below.

Below is Dolce. She is going to live in New Jersey with the Forte family. Update : below are pictures of Dolce all grown up (1 year old) in her new home in New Jersey.

This is Bacci. She is going to live with Brandon in Tennessee.
This is Gretchen. She is going to live with David in Tennessee. David is Brandon's uncle so Bacchi and Gretchen get to play together often. Below are pictures of Bacchi and Gretchen with their new families!

This is Fenn. He is going to live in Tennessee with the Dunlap family.
The little boy below is going to live with the Sullivan's in Conecticut.

All of Heidi's pups below have been sold and will be going to their new homes in February 07.
Heidi had 3 females and 2 males. All pups in this litter are sold. They are AKC registered and should be small like their parents(8-9 lbs).

The one on the right is going to live with the Sullivan's in Conecticut.
The other pup lives in Cleveland, Tn

Below are the three girls - all three are sold

The one on the left in the above picture is going to live in Tennessee
with her new dad, David. The one in the middle is going to live in New Jersery with her new family. The third little girl is also going to live in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The pups shown below are no longer available.
This is Baxter. He is the only boy
from Hannah's 1st litter. Scroll down below to see the chocolate and tan dapple girls from her first litter

Below is Schatzi's 2nd litter of 2 pups, born in May of 2006

This little guy is living with his new family in California!! He has beautiful markings. It almost looks like a heart on his back. His family has named him Valentino.
Valentino getting ready to leave for California

Black and tan Female (below)- This little girl is living with her new family in New Jersey! She has a wonderful home with the Puricelli family! Her name is Dixie.

Here is Dixie in her new home!

Below is their 1st litter born November of 05:
Schatzi(Dam) Asher(Sire)

Schatzi had 4 males and 1 female:
2 male black/tan dapples--sold

2 male solid black/tans----sold
1 female solid black/tan---sold

These 2 gorgeous little boys below ( Basti and Arcus ) have gone home with their new parents John and Kay Mannino in South Carolina. We know that Basti and Arcus are going to be very happy in their new home because John and Kay already love them very much.

Quote from John and Kay: "They are doing great! You both did an exceptional job training and working with them. They are very well adjusted. They have not littered in their kennel yet...they are very
regular, and in a solid routine.....thank you! They love to be loved and handled - for that we thank you too. You, again, just did such an exceptional job - they even recognize their name! Judy - if you need any references for the future- we would be extremely happy to be one for you.You obviously have a great hand for raising dachshunds and a big heart...and it shows! "

Arcus and Basti - These 2 boys love playing together and we are happy they will be staying together.

Basti and Arcus are two years old now. Below are current pictures of them in their homes. ( thanks to John and Kay for the beautiful pictures)
_____________________________________ Luther went to the Davis' home on Christmas Eve and was a wonderful Christmas surprise for the Davis Children on Christmas morning!! Below is a quote from Mr. Davis :
"Luther is GREAT! Everyone loves him! Christmas morning went just as we had planned and hoped...the kids were VERY surprised! I wish you could have seen their faces! " "Luther has definitely been more popular than any gift they've received. They kept saying to us "Thank you, Mommy and Daddy! Thank you for getting us a puppy!" It was pretty much the ultimate Christmas morning. " "We've had a great time with him so far! Thanks for taking such good care of him. "

Scrabble went to his new home with the Dixon family in Kentucky!!! His new family loves him very much. Here is a couple of quotes from the email they sent us: "He is doing very well and we are so proud of him. We think he looks just so much like Asher Blue! Thanks again for this precious little guy!" . "I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. I know ours will be so much more now that we have our little Scrabble!"


Beanie went home to her new family today in East Tennessee. The Hurley's were very happy to get her and we know she will be very happy with them.

Hannah and Oliver's puppies arrived September 9th.

She had 3 chocolate dapple girls and 1 solid choc/tan male. See their pictures below. Hannah's puppies are all sold or sale pending. Emma and Mocha are going to live together with their new family in Connecticut.

Emma above and below

Emma close up

Below are pictures of Emma and Mocha all grown up!! Thanks to the Heltzels for the beautiful pictures!!

Pup # 3 (Mocha)- lives in Ct. with her sister Emma.

Pup # 2 (Dottie(Lise is her new name))- lives with her new family in Memphis, Tn



He lives in Massachusets with his new family.

3 dapple girls (from Hannah and Oliver's litter)-

September 9th

Hannah and her pups on their birthday. She has one blue eye and one brown. Some of the girl pups look like they will have some blue in thier eyes.

Hannah is a wonderful mom and takes excellent care of her pups!
Puppy pile!

Above is Emma( sale pending) and Mocha(sold) Below is Luther, all grown up. He is from Schatzi and Asher's 1st litter. He is living with the Davis family in Tennessee and is very happy. Luther chewing on a hot dog
Luther with his family.
Here is a current quote from the Davis family about Luther:
Luther is doing well. He's about 9 1/2 lbs. and just celebrated his 1
year birthday. He's been a great pet!! He is very cuddly and
playful. And is very tolerant of and loving towards the kids. The
girls dress him up like a doll and our son treats him like a football
player. They LOVE having a puppy! He's been a great addition to our

Below is Scrabble all grown up.
Posted by Picasa This is Scrabble from Schatzi and Asher's 1st litter. He is all grown up now and his family loves him very much. Scroll down to see his puppy pics.
Scrabble playing with his toy.
Scrabble lounging on the couch.


Scrabble with his Dad
Recent quote from the Dixon's:
Scrabble is doing just great! I don't know what we did
before we had him! He was a gorgeous puppy and had turned into such a
handsome dog!
At his last vet visit, which was a couple
weeks ago, he weighed 11.1 lbs. He is a favorite at the vet's office
because he is just such a happy dog! He loves to play and of course has
his favorite blankie and toy which he has to have in bed with him at
night. He loves the outdoors and would stay outside all the time I believe
if we would let him! He is definitely a cuddle dog, too. He has to
be touching me almost all the time weather it's laying on my feet, or snuggled
up to me while on the couch. He just has to feel you there.

The Dixon Family.

Click here for more pictures of my adult dogs. The black and tan male below is Sold

Hannah's boy with white chest and paw tip. sold
Schatzi's dapple boy is sold! He is going to live in Massachusetts with Debbie!

Hannah's puppies

Hannah and Oliver have 6 puppies!! - All are sold or "sale pending"

Hannah-Dam .................Oliver-Sire

They have 3 girls and 3 boys!!
2 chocolate/tan dapple boys (shown below)- Both are " sale pending"

The one on the left has a white spot on his forehead
and a white patch on his chest. (shown below)

2 solid chocolate/tan girls(shown below) -Both Sold

1 chocolate/tan dapple girl(shown below)- sold

1 solid chocolate/tan boy( below) - sold to Melissa and Kevin
his name is Leo

Below is a picture of Leo all grown up. He is gorgeous.

Email for more information at
You can see pictures of her previous litter on
previous puppies link.

Schatzi and Jasper have one puppy!

He is a gorgeous black and tan male with a splash of white on his chest. He carries for piebald.

Black/tan male (below)-Sold

Heidi and Juneau's pups from December 08 litter pictured below: